What's New in version 5.0

What's New in Version 5

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Assembly Sheets

  • If a Cabinet Does Not Have Multiple Faces Then Stile and Rail Widths Displayed are Physical Size

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Assembly Wizard

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Catalog Editor

  • Added Catalog Level Parameters to Modular Catalogs (Similar to System Parameters)
  • Added Door Matrix Pricing Capability
  • Added Mechanism to Protect Catalogs

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Counter Top Wizard

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  • Planit NcCenter re‐branded S2M Center
  • New Product S2M Center Standard Introduced
  • New Product S2M Center Advanced Introduced
  • Option to Display Part Position Within Nest Graphic on Label‐IT Labels
  • Go To Pattern Option in Pattern Navigator
  • Grain Matching Capability for Nested Routers and Saws
  • Ability to Specify UNC Paths for Machine Output Directories
  • Ability to Create and Save DXF Layer Schemes
  • Batch Import DXF's
  • CUT File Export Capability
  • Material Catalog Added to S2M Ultimate
  • Ability to Download (via eSupport) a Tool to Export a PNC File from Solid Ultimate without the S2M Center

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Door Catalog

  • The Name of the Door Catalog in Use is Displayed in the Door Catalog Editor Titlebar

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Drawings Area

  • Ability to Delete Multiple Drawing Sheets At Once (click here to watch movie)
  • Double Click Paper to Take it to CAD Mode
  • Ability to Create Scene Templates
  • Added Drawing Sheet Navigation Arrow Options
  • New Drawing Now Separate Option from the Drawing Sheet Selector

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  • New Look And Feel (New Product Icon, Splash, and Buttons) (click here to watch movie)
  • New User Interface (Change from Menus and Toolbars to Ribbonbars) (click here to watch movie)
  • New Product “Solid Essential” Introduced (click here to go to product page)
  • New Product “Solid Standard” Introduced (click here to go to product page)
  • Added Option to Change Style of User Interface
  • Added Tooltips to Objects in Catalog Sidebar (click here to watch movie)
  • Added Quick Unit Switch to Statusbar Menu (click here to watch movie)
  • Exposed Grid On/Off Toggle in Statusbar Menu (click here to watch movie)
  • Exposed Reset Snap Marks Option in Statusbar Menu (click here to watch movie)
  • Exposed All Snap Options in Statusbar Menu (click here to watch movie)
  • Combined Warnings/Error Messages, Views, Auto‐Fill, and Units/Undo and AutoSave Utilities into a Single Preferences Utility (click here to watch movie)
  • Segmented Measure and Snap Marks tool into one Single selection Drop Down option
  • Added Room Navigation Arrow Options to Room Selector
  • New Room Now a Separate Option from the Room Selector
  • Converted the Two Separate Lock and Unlock Assembly Number Options into a Single Click Toggle
  • Converted Separate Rooms, Cabinets, Closets, Counter Tops, Molding Property Options Into a Single Selection
  • Layer Schedule Selector As a Text Drop Down to Easily See Your Current Layer Selection
  • Added Toggle for Wall Face/Back to Filter List in Elevation Selector (click here to watch movie)
  • Added Quick "Hide All"/"Unhide All" Scenes Toggle Option (click here to watch movie)
  • Shape Editor Tools Moved from Sidebar to Ribbonbar
  • CAD Tools Moved from Sidebar to Ribbonbar
  • Added Manual Grain Matching Functionality
  • Added Automated Grain Match Grouping
  • Ability to Reverse Scroll Wheel Zooming
  • Disabled Auto‐Zoom After Shaping a Part
  • Disabled Auto‐Zoom After Changing an Objects Size
  • Ability to Remove Multiple Overrides at Override Warning Screen Using Standard Windows Selection
  • Added System Parameters to the Update Job Utility
  • Divided the Save Assembly Option "Preserve Size" into Two Options; "Preserve Height" and "Preserve Depth" (click here to watch movie)
  • Ability to Select Multiple Jobs at Once For Batching
  • Batch Jobs Interface Redesign (Created a new Solid Batch Mode) (click here to watch movie)
  • The Selected Objects Parameters Tab Will Show Which UCS is Modifying a Parameter
  • Lights Area Redesigned to Allow More Control Over Light Height and Direction
  • Right Click Drag to Zoom In and Out in 3D Views (If you do not have a Scroll Wheel Mouse)
  • Ability to Import Google SketchUp 3D Models (.SKP)
  • Measure/Distance Results Active for Clipboard Copy in Sidebar

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Job Properties

  • Bead Options Not Displayed for Hinges With Negative Insets (Outsets)

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  • Layers That Can Be Edited Are Now Bold
  • Drawing Scenes For Assemblies With Multiple Faces Filtered to Show Only the Active Face
  • Assembly Sheet Face and Case Views For Assemblies With Multiple Faces Filtered to Show Only the Active Face
  • Added Layer Editing, Layer Selection, and Dimension Style Editing to the Section Editor

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Layout (Room) Level

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Material Catalog & Material Schedules (click here to watch movie)

  • Added a Bid Option to Materials (Specifies Whether the Material Should be Sent to the Bid Center)
  • Added Markup % By Material
  • Added Sell Price Option to Materials
  • Added Buy‐Out Option to Drawer Box Material Schedules
  • Added Buy‐Out Option to Roll Out Material Schedules
  • Added Email Address to Vendors
  • Extended Character Limit for Material Schedules from 15 to 30

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Object Tree

  • New Parameter Added to Return Bead Profile Width ‐ _BEADDZ

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Part Level

  • Added Edit Shape and Edge Band Options to Part Level Right Click Menu

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  • Added Eleven Sketch Modes
    • Cartoon
    • Color Wash
    • Contour
    • Hand Drawn
    • Ink Print
    • Lines and Shadow
    • Mosaic
    • Oil Painting
    • Rough Pencil
    • Soft Pencil
    • Stipple
  • Added a Preview Option for all PhotoVision Render Modes
  • Added Options to Change Quicktime Panorama Options

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Profile Catalog

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  • All Standard Reports Redesigned
  • Expanded User Customization of Standard Reports
  • Added the following default finishes to the Rooms table in Report.mdb:
    • ExtAsmFin
    • IntAsmFin
    • TopSurfaceFin
    • SplashFin
    • CrownFin
    • LightRailFin
    • BaseBoardFin
    • ChairRailFin
    • CeilingFin
    • EDoorFin
    • WindowFin

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Section Editor

  • Skin End Type Available for End in Side Selector

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User Created Standards

  • Significant Improvements in UCS Processing Speed
  • Added While...End While Statements
  • Added If...Then...Else Statements
  • Added Exit Statement
  • Added Right Click Edit Option for UCS's
  • Build Strings of Text From Parameter Values and CAD AutoText Values

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